When the dreaded blue screen pops up in your computer and then consequently your computer refuses your begging and tears to start up again marks the start of blue days. For those who have experienced their motherboard frying on them or their RAM dying on them, this may seem like a regular practice and would have a better idea on how to identify where the problem is stemming from. But for those who are seeing the notorious blue screen or the black screen for their first time, here are some tips on identifying whether the problem is with the motherboard of your computer.


For those with PC and laptops that run fast and hard in a daily basis, they are acquainted with their fan and its consequential sounds. If the fan is not working at all when you try to start up your computer then the problem is not with the motherboard. If the fan is running but your screen is black or blue then the problem is with either motherboard, video card, RAM or the connection between your PC and screen.

Physical damage

The first sign of your beloved laptop or PC is about to give up on living with you is when it has physical damage, in most cases because of you. If you spilled water on it then in case of a laptop you can take out the battery and let it dry off and try to see if it starts. If your smoke detector goes off courtesy of your computer or there are charred remains of ‘something’ in your computer then run off with it to the nearest repair shops. If the verdict is that there is something wrong with the voltage input and voltage then you need to speed dial the electrical repairs company.

The beeps

If your computer starts making beeping noises like a tiny robot (or R2D2 from Star Wars) then better start preparing yourself for the whole to breakdown. These beeps usually sound in a pattern or a siren sound which ends with your system freezing or dying on you. Usually the beeps indicate that the computer itself has diagnosed an issue which could be either the motherboard or an external component which has not installed properly or is loosened. Unplug any additional devices and try to see if any of the RAM modules or video cards has gotten loose. In worse case, check the voltage input by contact electrician Brisbane Northside people.

No matter what ends up with your loved computer, in most cases your files can be recovered due to advances in technology so do not lose hope. If you are not familiar with the components of your computer or laptop do not try to diagnose its problem yourself and try to take anything out of it.