Security Assessment  With the regularly changing universe of security that your work put is in charge of realize that you are picking an electrical business that can address every one of your issues. Rob Martin’s electrical contractors offer a range of services. The majority of the service that they can accommodate your business or home is: Power security reviews were they watch that you switchboard meets the wellbeing necessities it have to. Appliance testing (Test Tag) to watch that all your hardware is protected to utilize and utilized in a sheltered condition. RCD testing to watch that all your wellbeing circuits are working and meet the necessities of Australian principles. 

Other services that Rob Martin offers   Smoke alert testing to guarantee that you consent to flame security directions and have your cautions tried once per year and changed at regular intervals. Emergency lights tried and watched that they work and consent to measures with adjust signage. Thermal testing of switchboards used to conform to Body Corporate, business and mechanical security checks. Their electrical contractors in Redcliffe make sure that safety comes first in your home. This test indicates problem areas in your switchboard that prompts costly vitality squandering and conceivable flames if not settled. All testing outcomes are gone along and exhibited in electronic organization and paper duplicate, with a full concise on what they found and that it is so dire to settle.   

Electrical repairs offered by Rob Martin  On the off chance that you have a power point or light switch that isn’t working right or making interesting commotions as you switch it on. If you don’t mind call electrical contractors as they are quite upbeat to help. Our view is there is no activity to little with regards to repairing harmed electrical hardware in your home or business. They comprehend that you require it settled as quickly as time permits and they work to get this going for you. So if your Stove, Cook-best, HWS or power point in the kitchen isn’t working please let them know and they can get it settled for you, with as meager interruption to your day as could reasonably be expected.